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}} Steve is brother and cousin of Summer and Stephanie. Steve loves to prank on his sister and her friends. He plays all day long.

Stephanie MilesEdit

Stephanie is Steve's cousin.

Alexa MilesEdit

Alexa is Steve's friend.

Keith HillEdit

Keith is Steve's friend.

Summer MilesEdit

Summer is Steve's sister.

Kathy KendallEdit

Kathy is Stephanie's enemy.

Melanie NicholasEdit

Melanie is Stephanie's enemy.

Mary MilesEdit

Mary is Steve's mother.

Carl MilesEdit

Carl is Steve's father.

King Andrew MilesEdit

King Andrew is Steve's uncle.

Queen Sasha MilesEdit

Queen Sasha is Steve's aunt.

Noah AstonEdit

Noah is Stephanie's frienemy.


  • Steve is played by James DiGiacomo .


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